Thursday, October 3, 2019

Favorite TV Shows Jokes

Bin Ladens Favorite TV Shows
"Mad About Everything"
"Allah McBeal"
"Full House" of Bin Ladens
"Guantanamo Bay Break"
"According To Bin Laden"
"Malcom is an infidel"
"Survivor: Fallujah"
"Hussein Legal"
CSI: Fallujah
CSI: Baghdad
CSI: Tehran
"Wheel of Terror and Fortune"
"The Price is Right If Usama Says Its Right"
"How I Met the Infidel"
"Buffy The Yankee Imperialist Dog Slayer"
"U.S. Military Secrets Revealed"
"Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pita Bread"
"Just Shoot Everyone"
"Matima Loves Chachi"
"My Two Baghdads"
"Diagnosis: Heresy"
"Judge Laden"
"Who Wants To Execute A Multimillionaire"

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