Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Inference from Microsoft employees

There was a pilot flying a small plane containing some important guests. Unfortunately, when it comes to landing in Seattle, the dense fog causes equipment to shut down.


The pilot must fly around to find the landing zone. But an hour passed, fuel was running out, causing passengers to be very tense.
Suddenly he saw a window in the high-rise building.

He shouted, "Brother, let me ask where are you?", 

The office worker replied, "You are in the plane."

The pilot closes the plane window and makes a spectacular 275-degree turn and dives off at the airport five miles away, just as the engine stops due to run out of fuel.

Passengers wondered why he knew.

"Simple," he answered. "I asked the employee a simple question: his answer was 100% accurate but useless.He was supposed to be an employee working at Microsoft, but the airport was not far from the office. "

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