Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Old woman won the jackpot $ 200 million and psychologist

There is a grandmother over 80 years old, at home sad, decided to play lottery to entertain. Then one day he won the jackpot worth $ 200 million. You are afraid of too shocked to learn the good news should hire a psychologist to tell him. One of the best doctors in the city has been chosen to solve this problem. Here is the method the doctor has applied to her.


- Sir, how old are you?
- I'm 86 years old.
- If you hit the lottery $ 5, what would you do?
- I will buy you a new pair of books.
- If you hit $ 20, what would you do?
- I will buy some items in the family.
- If you hit $ 100, what would you do?
- I will invite the whole family to eat the restaurant.
And so on until the psychiatrist noticed, the old man was calm enough to hear the winning lottery. He said, "If you won the $ 200 million lottery, what would you do?"
- The old man was tired of the questions the doctor should answer for: "Half of that money belongs to him !!!".
- The doctor rolled out to faint because not enough calm to hear a sensational news beyond his imagination. He left without seeing the money he was entitled to.

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