Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Why did the students fail?

One year is only 365 days, but a typical student year is:

- Except Saturdays - 52 Saturdays in a year, everyone knows that this day for our students to rest, explore the world, so 365 - 52 remaining 313 days.

Why did the students fail?

- Summer vacation - next 50 days. Hot weather, who learn to swim, swim and go to play new summer vacation. Inferred, remaining 263 days.

- 8 hours of sleep a day, plus 30 days a year, that is 141 days left.

- Each day spend 1 hour sports, go out, relax (very good for health), meaning that one year takes 15 days, 126 days remaining.

- 2 hours a day for food and beverages (there is little for you?), So a year is 30 days, the number of days is 96.

- Each day adds 1 hour to communicate with people (again underestimated sister), a year is 15 days, the remaining days is 81 days.

- The number of days for the exams, each year: At least 35 days, the remaining days are 46.

- The holidays, festivals of the year (Christmas, Tet, 1/5 ...) about 40 days, that is, 6 days.

- 3 days for sadness in the year (not to mention those who are in love, the week is a little), to 3 days.

- Watch movies, books and newspapers every day for a few minutes, take a year to two days, the remaining one day.

- On the day of your birthday, how can you learn that day?

Now we understand the truth: How can students NOT slip?

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