Monday, January 22, 2018

When girls do IT jobs

Three young girls working for computer companies in turn have no lover. One day they meet, say crap, which has a paragraph as follows:

The first girl cheerfully said: It is terrible. It is true that the Intel Inside also does not need UPS (UPS)!


The second girl: My internet can be connected at any time, even though I'm busy. Also, it is possible to share resources in any situation. Yes, the Pentium line!

Third lady: You lost to me. I'm a 600 MHz Athlon! Any barrier does not make sense. When I use the whole face quickly, at times my manipulation is not followed anymore!

The first girl: I do not hammer high speed too. I just need persistence is satisfactory.

The third girl said, "Maybe. If the speed is too high that must replace the motherboard to fit it all out. Sometimes I have to find ways to limit the speed.

The second girl made the comment: Easy! When you visit, you have to open all the applications to slow speed only.

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