Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The thief entered the information technology engineer's house

The thief in the city sneaked into a house. Suddenly, a soft voice said: "I see you then."

He looked up around the room. No one else, he continued to rummage.

"He looks very attractive, his shoulders are very wide, his chest is very open ..."

The thief was startled and hit the night light switch. A blur of light. In front of him was a girl wearing nothing.

"Oh ..." he uttered and forgot his purpose.

"Come here, honey."

He took the girl's hand is "bumped" - two cuffs automatically grab him.

"God, are you just dolls?"

"No, I'm your lover. Do not be afraid, it's very light ..."

Then the famous thief was taken to the police station. The owner of the house, a famous programming engineer, revealed: "The story happened casually, I built this girl, which is to train men who are afraid of women."

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