Saturday, January 6, 2018

The secret to making money from doctor when to cure

From a small village in Hungary, his son calls a doctor in Budapest and asks about his father's medical expenses. The doctor answered 1,000 forint, and the young man would meet him at the train station. By the time he saw the doctor, he sadly announced.

- Unfortunately, my father just died. But in order for the doctor to be free I found 10 people in the village, they agreed to pay 150 forint for each visit. Examination for 10 people finished, he watched the doctor leave the station, he said:

- I only require 1,000 forint that earns 1,500. So I split it up. This is his 250 forint.

- Thank you doctor! I would like to tell the truth that my father was not dead but was among the 10 who had been examined by a doctor.

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