Thursday, January 18, 2018

The girl goes fishing

A couple on holiday at a fishing area. The husband likes to go fishing in the morning, his wife just likes to read. One day the husband went fishing and wanted a nap. Although not familiar with the atmosphere on the lake but the wife still row out to enjoy the sunlight. 


She sailed a mile away and then stopped and continued reading. Suddenly, a guard approached him. He stopped right next to her boat and asked:
- Hello, what are you doing?
- I'm reading a book. - The woman replied.
You are in a fishing area. - He reminded.
- I'm sorry sir, but I'm not fishing, I'm just reading.
- But she has all the tools she can handle at any time, I have to keep her and make a record.
- If you do that then I will sue you for sexual harassment. - The woman said again
- But I did not even touch her.
Yes, but you have all the necessary equipment and you can start at any time

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  1. I also like to go fishing in the afternoon. :)