Saturday, January 6, 2018

Students naughty

At the end of the lecture, the teacher asked Jack:

- Could you tell us about Waterloo, the French or the English?

- Ladies and gentlemen, I watched this game on TV ... but when the final result of the match, the power out suddenly!

o o

Physical time, the trainer told Ted:

- You remind the whole class of the speed of sound?

- Teacher, I'm not sure, because my hearing is having problems.

o o

Professor asked a student:

- What is the chain reaction?

- Professor, like when I swim to catch a carp, behind a crocodile is chasing me ...

o o

A professor told a dormant student in class:

- Do not you find it inconvenient when I'm teaching you to sleep?

- Professor, nothing, please ask the professor naturally!

o o

Teacher's name: A, is there?

Below class:

Teacher continued: B, yes?

Below grade: Yes ...

Continuing: C, yes?

Below class: Dear!

Teacher lifted the glass: Yeah, this class sneaky kinda ha!

Below the class: Yes, let the teacher find out the same teacher that teacher!

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