Saturday, January 27, 2018

Husband was arrested car because his wife was too honest

Husband stopped his car parked at the side of the road. The cop walked up.

- This road is only allowed to run 60 km/h. Did you know that he ran for 75 kilometers?

Husband argued:

- No! Obviously I ran right 60 km/h which ...


The wife sat next to him.

- You clearly drive 80 km / h that ...

Police Officer:

- Huh?! 80 km/h? Chastises him for driving too fast!

He blushed, but her husband tried fasting ie.

Walking around the car, the cop asked the husband,

- The right front light has been broken for quite some time?

- No, no ... I drove a car rolled up the rock to burst it ...

His wife said:

- No, it is not! The light that broke from the beginning of the year that reminds me not to change the ball ...

The officer added another one.

Her husband overly accuses his wife:

- Can you please shut up for me for a few minutes?

The policeman raised his eyebrows at his wife:

- Are you often talking loudly to me?

The wife seeks to defend her husband:

- Yes ... only when he is dull ... normal but gentle and cute ...

The policeman punished the guy for guilty of driving in drunken state.

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