Thursday, January 4, 2018

Effective Weight Loss Methods

In order to cure obesity, doctors prescribed Jams 6 pills, one pill each night. At night, Jams dreamed of being shipwrecked and fled into a deserted island, where there was a beautifully colored girl. He chased her around the island, but could not catch up. Wake up, sweat out like a bath. The chase took place the next night. He lost 25 kg.


- Jams friend Brow saw that too to heal. But after taking the first pill, Brow had another dream. He also lost to the deserted island, but no colored girl at all. Instead, a bunch of angry villagers chased him to death. He also lost 25 kg.

"Brow asked the doctor why Jams had such an interesting dream, not as frightening as his, he smiled:" What's up, Jams came to see me in the office and paid for it in cash. And he goes to the hospital with a health insurance card.

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