Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dream cars like software of Bill Gates

At a computer conference, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates compared the software industry to the car industry. "If General Motors (GMC) develops technology for automobiles as software, then they are now I could buy $ 25 cars, 1,000 miles with 1 liter of gasoline. "

Dream cars like bill gates software

In response to Bill Gates' comment, GMC stated, "If General Motors were to develop technology like Microsoft, we would go for cars with the following characteristics:

1. The car is still running, but having access to the freeway is not a problem.

2. When the road is upgraded, you have to buy a new car.

Your vehicle will continuously die on the road for no reason. You have to restart the car and start from the starting point.

4. The car will be like your old teacher, constantly repent and ask you to apologize, otherwise it will stand out.

5. The new car you just bought yesterday, today has become laughable.

6. The thieves will sit in their car and "stuff" you with huge traffic bills, while you are not in the traffic for a minute.

7. The warning light goes out of gas, over temperature and the battery level is replaced by "general car default".

8. When an accident occurs, the airbag system will ask you: "Are you sure?" before breaking out.

9. You will click the "Start" button to shutdown.

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