Sunday, January 7, 2018

Doctors and mental patients

In a psychiatric hospital, while working in the doctor's office, the psychiatric patients outside were climbing a very tall tree.


The doctor rushed out and said, "It's dangerous to climb down."

One patient said: "On this is very interesting doctor."

Doctor cursed to climb up to try. After approaching the highest branch, the patients went to each other and said, "Hey, dear, let's play the game of ripe fruit."

Finished the patient's testimony and let go of the bag to the ground. Seeing the doctor still on high the patients called with: "That other fruit does not fall away."

The doctor panicked and said, "I ... I'm green."

The patients cheered cheerfully: "So we stoned to see who can fall green fruit".

The next day, the hospital had a new patient.

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  1. it's funny, =)). The next day, the hospital had a new patient.