Monday, January 8, 2018

Demosthen's lecture: Hire the shade of a donkey

Demosthen is a Greek philosopher, eloquent. One day, lecturing, seeing students distracted, he told a story as follows:

"The other man must go through the desert." He went to the market to hire a donkey. He rented a donkey, paid for it, and made an appointment with the tenant:

- I donkeys his donkey, he led the donkey, I sit on the donkey across the desert.

The road is far, sunny. The donkey was hot and could not stand it. In the middle of the desert, only one shade is the donkey shadow. He leaped down and went away.

He rented a donkey, so stop, do not go.

Demosthen's lecture: Hire the shade of a donkey

Renters ask: - Why not go?

The other said, "Pay extra."

- What money?

- Rental donkey balls. Since you only hire a donkey, do not you pay to rent his shadow?

I was fooled by anger, looking for the right word to say to the donkey ... "

Heard, the whole class waited.

New agent says:

- Ladies and gentlemen, the main thing is my lecture, you pay attention, pay attention to the tinkering story of the guy for a donkey!

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