Thursday, January 4, 2018

Business tips dummies - Bussinessmen jokes

An entrepreneur comes to the method of doing business in a developed country. He was invited to a rubber products factory, which was a trading partner.
   First, they took him to the baby bottle nipple workshop. The production line made up of "hiss, pop ..." noisy sound very funny.

Business tips

- The "hiss" is the rubber sound that is poured into the mold. - The instructor explains - The "pop" then the pinch of a hole in the rubber nipple.
    After that, they went to a workshop producing condoms. Strangely enough, the production line created the "hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss, pop" noise.
- Wait a minute! - The entrepreneur hastened to say - I know what "hiss, hiss" means, but why is there a "pop"?
- Well, it's like the process of producing rubber teats! - Facilitator replied - After every four condoms, we again ... poke a hole.
- But that is not good for condoms!
- Yes, but it is good for the dummies business.

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