Sunday, January 14, 2018

Accident in succession of a businessman

A businessman goes away for two weeks. After a week, he called home and asked for news.

The butler was incapable of saying anything but was forever so he also said: - Sorry, but your dog is dead.

Accident-in-succession -of-a-merchant

- My dog! How has it?

- Doctors say it has severe digestive disorders due to overeating.

- Eat too much? But he always fed it with a scientific diet.

- Yes, but since the horse was dead, there was a time when it drove itself to the horse's feeder.

- The horse is dead?

- Yes, it was because the stables were on fire so it was ...

- What, how did the stall burn?

- Firefighters say the villa explosion has affected the stables too much

- The housekeeper choked his voice.

- Blame the villa? - Merchants do not believe in their ears anymore.

- Yes, it is said to be due to gas. Gas is smothered, but candles lit his mother's coffin to near the edge, so caught fire ... - Remind me! My mother ... My mother ... what?

- Trader panting. - Yes, his mother died of a heart attack. She could not bear the shock of knowing that your wife had left with your brother.

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