Thursday, December 14, 2017

Students Protest High Cost of Education...

45 years ago, I put myself through school without incurring a penny of debt or any other obligation. 
The mathermatics is traight forward. At the excellent State-run University I attended, tuition and fees were around $50 per year. Minium wage was $1.60/hr. Working 3 weeks at minimum wage paid my tuition and fees with money to spare; and, unlike today, minimum wage then was a living wage.

Students Protest High Cost of Education...

Why can't society give this generation the same educational benefits that my generation received? Because the money all goes to pay for unnecessary wars and to enrich those who already have more than they can possibly spend. 

We pay almost as much for our military as the rest of the world combined. Many of our wealthiest corporations pay no tax at all. 

Don't let those who have benefited from virtually free education tell you that you must go into debt to receive youreducafion. 

Tom Sager, Emeritus professor, Missouri S&T

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