Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Smart lawyer

A young lawyer in the early days practiced before the horseshoe. At that time, he represented a train company with a wagon that hit a boy. The lawsuit brought the court because the accident made one of his arm so severely disabled that he could not raise his hand higher than his head. The young clever lawyer had conducted the confrontation with the boy in a very quiet manner and was also extremely effective.


"Hey, little boy," the lawyer said, his arm wounded in that accident.

- Yes sir! - The boy replied.

- And now I can not lift my arms up right?

- Yes!

"Please," he said softly. "For the jury, it was once again that since the accident, how long could you raise your hand?

He tried to put his hand up to his shoulder. The lawyer asked again with a naive style of ink:

- How high do you raise your hand before the accident?

And his arm stretched high above his head.

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