Friday, December 22, 2017

Power of money - Jokes Global

During the marriage ceremonies, the groom approaches the pastor and makes the offer.

- I will exchange $100 for the removal of the words 'love, respect, obedience and loyalty to her forever' in the marriage vows.

The pastor agreed and took $100 with satisfaction.

The next day, at the official ceremony, the pastor looked straight into the boy's eyes, smiled gently and slowly said:

- The boy, you promise to always be ready to give yourself in front of the girl standing in front of him, obeying her every command, bringing breakfast to her bed every morning for the rest of her life. your. At the same time swear before God will never look at any other women until they are no longer in this world?

The groom swallows and looks around, responding in a very soft voice:

- Yes.

After the ceremony, the boy immediately clung to the pastor and hissed:

- I think we have an agreement?

At this point, the new pastor turned to the groom's old hand and whispered:

- She gave me $ 200 more than your $ 100.

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