Friday, December 22, 2017

Language of the lawyer

The law professor asked a brilliant student to answer the question: "If you had to give someone an orange, what would you say?"

Language of the lawyer

The student replied:

- I will say: "You use this orange!"

Professor angry:

- Impossible! Think like a lawyer.

Student cleared his throat:

- Then, I will say to that person: "I, hereafter, give and transfer my entire and sole ownership of all my property, rights, rights, obligations, interests This orange gives you, along with its entire stem, shell, water, pulp and seeds, all legal rights to bite, cut, chill or eat it, the right to give it to others with all its shell, its water, its flesh and its seeds. Everything that is mentioned before and after, or any act, or behavior or means of any kind or nature that is incompatible with this statement, in any circumstance, is not available. validity…".

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