Friday, December 22, 2017

Divorce Procedure - Jokes lawyers

A pair of men and women love each other and want to go to marriage. Unfortunately both of them had traffic accidents and died. Going to heaven, they asked the Emperor to be married. Emerald: "Well, let me arrange." Two people waited back.

Jokes lawyers Divorce Procedure

After 10 years of waiting, the Emperor finally appeared, leading a parish priest and proclaiming it was time to get married. So the wedding ceremony was conducted.

The couple live happily until 20-30 years later they get hated each other. Both came to God and asked for a divorce. God heard the "shock." He said, "What, divorce? I had to wait 10 years for a parish priest to go to heaven to celebrate the two. Now divorce again. Ever find a lawyer to go to heaven to carry out divorce proceedings .... God.?"

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