Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jokes for kids:Go straight to college

CuTi is 11 years old and attends elementary school in fifth grade. He has been studying for one week and he is not willing to work with his teacher and high school because the program is too low.

The teacher led the poet to the principal's office, presenting the story. The principal of the seminary, discussing with his teacher, will ask him a few questions about science and the teacher will ask him about his knowledge, if he answered correctly, 

Go straight to college

- 25 times 25 is how much? Asked the principal

- Yes 625 - CuTi replied

- formula area calculation circle?

- is the square root radius Pi.

- When water evaporated when?

- When boiling water is at 100 ° C

After nearly 1 hour of "torture" Tie, the answer is correct answer, the principal is very satisfied with the knowledge of science and given to the teacher asked about general knowledge:

- What is bigger and smaller?

The headmaster is dead, but cu replied immediately.

- Yes, its crab is bigger and smaller.

- What in your pants do you have?

The principal is all green.

Two pockets

- Where do women's fur curl the most?

The principal shivered.

- in Africa.

- What are you in between your legs?

The principal was dumbfounded.

- That's the knee.

- What in your body is always wet?

The headmaster gasped.

- The tongue.

- What was your childhood when you did not have a husband and grew up when you got married?

The principal made no sign for reply, but answered immediately.

- Yes, bed

- What is so soft but when it comes to her hand, it hardens?

The principal did not dare to look at the teacher.

- Nail polish

- What is long as a banana, she took a moment when it ran out?

The principal was nearly faint.

- Ice cream.

The principal of the sweat told the teacher not to ask again and told him:

- Teacher gave his children to go to college because the teacher said he did not hit any one !!!

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