Sunday, November 19, 2017

One day go to school of Vova

Today the inspector came to check the class, the students in the class who prepare very well, only Vova is ...

Hour of creature
The teacher raised a question:
- Why do we grow faster when we fertilize?
- Because ... because the tree can not bear the stench of feces should have grown so fast! - Vova quickly release.

One day go to school of Vova

Time to write
The teacher's homework assignments with the subject: "Leaving your pigs". Vova stood up begging her to beg for the weekend, she asked:
- Why did not you finish writing?
- Yes ... because my father went to work not yet!
- Ah! Probably by doing household father, right?
- No! I did not want to describe so accurately, so I jumped into pigsty to measure its length. How much weight do I have to wait for my father to pick up and get caught up to know it.
- !!!
Geo time
Vova and Tom discuss the four seasons theme. Tom asked Vova:
- Why the cold season, it is called winter it?
- Because in the cold season crowded people will be warm.
- So what is hot season called summer?
- Because the hot summer season is cool. You even need to ask that?

Physical time
Teacher: When we go to the sea, if the boat is broken, water rushed into the cavity, then how to do?
Vova: You have to handle it quickly, lurking, and we'll chisel another bigger hole for water to flow out.

At the end of the class, Vova was given a ticket to meet her parents with "excellent" achievements.

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