Sunday, October 15, 2017

Vietnam is about to have contraceptive shoe

Engineers at the Leather and Footwear Research Institute have just completed a project called "Design, manufacture a shoe that is capable of contraception."

The shoes made of suede are very soft and can be used for both winter and summer.

Based on the study of ... the popular baby-making posture of couples, the institute's engineers have developed a shoe with two left and right legs joined together.

Before going to bed, the wife only wears shoes on her feet, this pair of shoes ensures that her wife's pair are parallel and stick together for the duration of the shoe. So if the husband has any desire to look at his wife "foot dot com" swallowed saliva only. More time to remove the shoe lock up to 30 minutes, with many meticulous operation, impatient, easily irritable baby, so if the deliberately unplugged and unsuccessful, then his husband also fell loss of excitement, emotion.

Bridal shoes are expected to become "fashionable" in the coming years.

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