Friday, October 27, 2017

Top 10 Halloween Jokes - P2

6. Imagine a girl is a ghost
A taxi driver late at night 12 suddenly see a girl in white waving, believe in what the devil has done, he put the girl into the car. 

The girl on the back seat sat and said coldly: Let me go near the cemetery of the city. Slightly scary, he turned the wheel. Take a walk, accidentally looked behind the rearview mirror does not see the girl where, startled his brakes turn a car look back. The girl who was sitting there looked at him with angry eyes and did not say anything. 

After a while, a little bit of faith left over is do have evil, he continued to wheelchair speed higher than expected to quickly end the journey. Then he did not squeeze his curiosity, he glanced back at the rearview mirror, and the girl disappeared. 
The real panic, he braked the car and looked back, the girl with fiery glare looked at him, mouth and nose to the fresh blood drops. Still crying cold with a bit of anger, the girl said: 

- You crazy, I hate you with that two times I bent down to tie the shoelace, you brake the car to make nosebleed bleeding Mouth this

7. Ghost really?
B: Do you believe the devil?

G: No, this time, but you still believe that nonsense stuff.

G: So what about the resurrection?

B: The story can not have a teacher.

G: So you explain to me why this year I would miss school for my grandmother's funeral 3 times?

8. Ghost's also afraid of women
In the middle of the night a ghost flies into a female dormitory demanding to eat a girl. The girl crying pleading:
- Please spare my life! He looked at me as a poor student, did not have money to eat so skinny, whole bones only, eat not good.

The ghost looked at the bottom of a scornful laugh:

- Shaggy, good fat people, at least over 70 kg. Especially the belly is supposed to contain all the fat so new as big.

At the end of the ghost has been beaten by a girl beat, from then on no longer appear.

9. The way you dress up Halloween
 Husband calls wife from the agency about:
- Baby, tonight your company has a ballroom decoration.

Please pick me up

Wife: - Oh, like that. Wait, I wait for you to dress up

Do you think you should play a sorceress or a female ghost to scare others?

Na said,

- No need to be so complicated, just leave your face, put on your hair and wear a white nightgown that's scary enough.

10. What do you want to do on your gravestone?
Q: What do you want to do on your gravestone?

1. This person is dead, there is a small story is burning gold code, if the big story digging up.

2. When you look at my gravestone, I'm looking at you.

3. Here Wifi coverage, after bowing automatically connected.

4. Remember to shake hands, make friends with me.

5. Turn the coffin lid, there is a prize right away.

6. Thank you for visiting my grave, I will visit your house tonight.

7. Find people in the graft, negotiate prices when meeting.

8. Finally there is no need to be afraid of ghosts anymore.

9. Please do not steal my belongings!

10. See you again.

11. If I die before the One Piece ends, do not burn the gold, just burn down here for me.

12. Do not dig inside the grave.

13. Finally got my own land.

14. Want to find friends to talk poetry, welcome young people tired of life.

15. You also get a good sleep, not afraid of being called up again.

16. Because so handsome, sentenced to death.

17. When you read this line, please do not glance across glances, I do not want you to see my bloody face.

18. Look what look, delicious down here duel.

19. I just want to try playing dead.

20. Just a little rest, I'll be back soon.

21. Remember to burn smart for me, I want to communicate with the next tomb.

22. No matter what I go before.

23. Have not thought about what to write, give up the dead before.

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