Friday, October 27, 2017

Top 10 Halloween Jokes - p1

1. Fear of ghosts
There are young married couple, the wife is afraid of ghosts. The wedding night, when her husband was asleep, suddenly asked his wife to wake up one:

- What's up?

- I'm scared ...

- Then I lay inside.

After a while, his wife again. Frustrated by sleep being bothered, his husband asked:

- What's up?

- I'm still afraid of you ...

Husband's husband:

- lying in fear, lying outside is afraid, where do you want to lie now?

- I want to lie down.

2. The ghost book

Teo is a brave man, whether he watches ghost or ghost in the middle of the night, he is not afraid.

One day he heard that there is a bookstore in which there is a ghost book no one dares to read. Curious, you go to the car immediately.

By the instructions, he finally arrived, an old bookstore (nearly a hundred years). Climbing in. The owner of the store is an old man about 80 years old, bearded blond hair, clothes peeling is very poor, Togo asked:

- Grandpa, do you hear that there is a ghost book here? If so, you can rent it!

The old man replied:

- Yes, it is in the sixth row, the sixth row and the sixth row from right to left, but this book is rare, he did not rent, only sold.


- How much do you sell?

The old man answered:

- I'm cheap 25 million only.

Shocked panic:

- Why are you so expensive?

Old man:

"Your precious book, it was from the time of your great-grandfather.

Teo thought: 'Well, I did not have any money, but I have come here and I can not go back.'

Said hurriedly:

-Hay you grate for him this car he just bought back last month cost 30 million.

Old man:

- Yeah, that's okay, but you have to remember that every day you read only one page and never read the last page, it will be very dangerous.

He nodded and hurried to pick up the car home in the day. That night, only half an hour after reading the book ghosts, but when reading to the last page suddenly suddenly screamed and fainted. A spooky wind blew through, flipping through each page, the last page appeared: 'The book price is 2,500'.

3. There are not many ghosts here
A guy on the way home passed a cemetery. Suddenly he heard the croaking from the cemetery.
He panics, thinks there are ghosts, looking at the graveyard he saw an old man chiseling something on a gravestone.

He said:

- Oh, you make me think of ghosts. What are you doing here?

The old man replies:

- Damn, who carved my name wrong ...

4. Fear ghosts meet ghosts
Evening to study late at night is rumored to have a lot of ghosts, Ty extremely nervous.
Each cycle is heavy, the road dark and no one crosses the sweat causing sweaty wet shirt. Suddenly from the back of the bike pile on the edge of the day, a panic rushed quickly. Until the moment when a middle-aged man runs over, his eyes are kind, his mind is steady.

The man asked:

- Where do you go late?

The answer:

- I have to go to school more. Do you work?

The man nodded:

- Oh, see my uncle from time to time, but running so fast I can catch up now.


- Yes, I heard this rumor a lot of ghosts are so scared.

The man rolled his eyes:

- No, this area has me as a ma, sad to die.

- !!!

5. Ghost begrudge
After a full meal, John green face when discovered to have forgotten wallet.
I can not go home, I have nothing to mortgage, John have to phone home thanks brother bring money to rescue. Due to the overcrowded restaurant, Too was driven to the corner of the road.

The cold wind blew through the pure white dress, not far from an old lady who was burning votive code for relatives of Vu Lan. As soon as she saw John, the old lady asked:

- You ... what are you standing there for?

Smiling wry smile:

- I'm waiting for my relatives to send money. So cold!

Just finished, John see the old woman ran away in the golden code is burning bad.

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