Thursday, October 19, 2017

To clench one's teeth and endure a pain

One day his mother-in-law called his daughter-in-

- My son! My home is a family of teachers, meaning that the mother is widowed early, but she stays with her husband. Now, unfortunately, I'm also a widow like you. If there is a street courting children, there are men he followed the child must bite the teeth but not be violated, not to be in love.

Her daughter-in-law also saddened but also accepted her mother's example. Unfortunately, after the mother-in-law demanded to get married first, her daughter-in-law told her mother-in-

- Mommy! The mother told her to go to meet the men it must be biting teeth that bear but why now she claims to get married.

- Mom said to bite my teeth here is my mother! Mom still teeth where to bite !!

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