Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The reason is remain single

1: Nice but no one should dare to carry the canopy

2: Men we see pretty beautiful girls, delicious only teasers for fun, but in the beginning do not think they have a lover, so also do not want to.

3: The girls are pretty delicious and rich, but the father who dare to climb high, can not, but can not go to say "Money little but need to smell", do not know. self-esteem

4: People are like but you do not accept the words, but the longer the longer it takes, until it is bored,

5: Many of you like pots that are prickly and picky, poor boys are poor, rich boys are dragging along, while it is fond of the sisters, then sit there waiting for the wait.

6: Love this one but still go out with other children to show that they are many boys pursue, clingy ... Bring the clanging should not dare to love

7: You always want buffaloes to find piles, yolks looking for butterflies, but never the initiative to express the situation.

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