Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Surprise ending

On the summer holidays, Robert and Raymond go hiking together. When they arrived, there was a storm, and the two men sought refuge in a large mansion. The owner of the house, a beautiful woman, said that they could only spend the night in a garden shed, for she was suffering from her husband's mourning. Nine months later, Robert called Raymond:

- Raymond, do you still remember the night we were forced to sleep in the warehouse?

- remember?

- Do you still remember the beautiful lady of the big mansion?

- Remember…

- Do you still have that night, when I was sleeping, he secretly broke into her room?

- Remember ... Raymond raised his voice anxiously.

- To avoid scandal, did you take my name and address to introduce yourself to her?

- Maybe ... I should apologize to you. The other wire hesitated.

- No, I have to thank you, because she just died and left me a building with 10 million dollars!

- !!!

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