Sunday, October 15, 2017

Proverbs @ times

1. I resist everything except the temptations.

2. Money is better than poor, financially.

3. I think I should start reading Shakespeare. But then I think again, why should I do that? He never reads a poem from me.

4. I've had so much desire, too much desire. Now I have only one desire, how to eliminate those desires.

For love, women are willing to sacrifice themselves, and men are willing to sacrifice other women.

6. If you have to pay for beautiful people, the beauty is not worth a penny.

7. I do not understand how the bird flu epidemic affects the ducklings?

8. The phrase "no" is still the best traditional contraceptive.

9. The most honest laugh is laughing flies.

Better let them laugh at me than let them cry.

11. A little more money than "thank you".

12. Wines are good for your health, and you need to drink vodka.

13. All that the press writes is a hundred percent truth, except for the ones you witnessed directly.

14. Newspapers tell readers what they do not understand and teach what they do not know.

Leaflets are useful in that they teach us not to believe in them.

16. Artificial intelligence is nothing compared to natural idiotic.

17. The wise man wrote the dictum, the ignorant ones repeat it.

18. The wise man speaks to him, the wise man listens to him.

19. Give him a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish, he will not bother him for a week.

20. Whenever I have to choose between two bad habits, I often choose what I have never tried.

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