Friday, October 27, 2017


Tomy cheerfully opened the gate to welcome her mother and work away from the new month.

"Do you know what else to see today? When I was playing hide in the closet in my parents bedroom, I saw Dad put into the room a woman next door to his house. They took off their clothes, went to the bathroom together and then climbed onto the bed, he was lying on her ... ".

The mother raised her hand and stopped him saying, "Well, I do not need to tell any more, I already know, wait until Daddy comes home and I want you to tell me exactly what I told you. Mummy ".

Just 10 minutes after his father came home, his wife loudly announced that he would divorce him. "Why do you say that?" Asked the husband.

"Tell Tomy. Tell him what I told you before. "

"Yes," Jonny said. "When I was playing hide-and-seek in the closet in the room, I saw Daddy come into the room with the woman next door. Two people undress, go to the bathroom and climb to bed, Dad lying on that woman and they do the same as what she did with Uncle Jaky, last time I told you not to tell my father!

Tomy's parents looked at each other without saying anything!

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