Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Paper's superabundant drawing elephants

During the contest, Cong Quynh did not intend to apply, but because of the letter Lord Trinh pressed to takeTruy Nguyen, so Quynh accepted.

At the exam, Quynh made very fast, soon before many other candidates. Quynh should submit the book, but because they do not know how to pass, so the machine to post review. See a piece of white paper below, Quynh brush dots immediately a bunch of elephants, then hand next to the line of improvisation:
Literature is finished,
Paperless, do not draw elephants,
I have one thing to tell you
The one who smiled at me was eating it.

Quynh doing so is deliberately provocative, they will be furious when reading these lines and will beat Quynh with the crime of "violating school rules." In fact, Quynh need to promote progress.

At that time, the supervisor was watching. Seeing Quỳnh's arrogant quartet, he ran to the judge. Preliminary examinations and judges croaking to see, then it is true. Quynh knew the actions of the judges, but ignored the ignored. Waiting for the crowded campus, Quynh new pen to write two more verses bay elephant painting just painted:

Mother elephant, baby elephant, elephant
Note, happy, hug that look.

The authorities now feel the devil should pull together fast. Long time there, I was not scolded Quỳnh prank, lost face again.

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