Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mr. Doctor too smart

There was a man very worried about his wife for a month they both did not touch it. Husband decided to take his wife to see a doctor, this doctor examined his wife separately and asked why she has not done it for a month like this?

His wife replied:

Dear doctor, because for a month I was working by taxi, then the taxi driver asked me: Will you pay me or what else can I do if I can not pay? I want to save money or he should choose to "do something else".

When working at the office, the boss asked her: 'What would you do with a pile of papers or something else? Because I do not want to tired so I told the boss to choose what to do.

When I got home and went back to my house, I went to the taxi again and asked me again what did I do to save money. So when I got home, I was so tired and did not want to touch my husband again.

The doctor suddenly said softly: So you want me to talk to your husband or "What do we do?"

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