Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mens are difficult !!

- If you leave her at home and try to protect her from the harsh life, you are the patriarch.

- If you are at home doing housework, you are a woman.

- If you try to work, you will not have time for her.

- If you do not work, you are a useless person.

- If you praise her beautiful, it is harassment.

- If you do not say anything, you are insensitive.

- If you cry, you are too weak.

- If you do not cry, you are a cold-blooded man.

- If you decide something without talking to her, you are the domineering.

- If she decides something that is not discussed with you, she is a modern woman.

- If you want her to work that she does not like, it's unconscionable.

- If she wants you to do something you do not like, it's because she wants to be good for you.

- If you look at the beautiful girls on the road, you are too liberal.

- If you do not pay attention to beautiful girls, you are not normal.

- If you buy flowers for her, what are you planning?

- If you do not buy flowers, you are so crude.

- If she is tired, she is too hard. - If you are tired, you do not love her anymore.

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