Monday, October 16, 2017

Love and Marriage

Being serious men in the affair, so after months of acquaintance and feel unable to live without her, I asked:
- I'm married to you?
My darling blinked his eyes, smiling happy:
- Oh, that's my dream, but ...
I hate the word "but", especially when it is spoken by important people in critical moments. Because it was eight times I was disappointed when I applied for a job, more than a dozen other times refused to borrow money ... Now it's her turn, why?

Love and Marriage

- You know, my parents are very hard, may be the hardest in the world always!
How hard is too much to overcome! I grind my teeth:
- You will convince ...
It is true that although bruised, but I have convinced the future music grandparents. Her mother asked me to quit, I rushed to buy two boxes of candy. My father suggested I not drink, I switched to beer immediately. My grandparents and I do not have a beard, I am happy to buy the best shaver ... Even the most difficult idea is the advice to leave the civil service out to work to increase income and reduce lazy disease, I also Nodding in agreement.
My efforts paid off, eventually the family accepted me as my son-in-law. It was probably the most beautiful day of my life, it seemed greener, the clouds seemed to be white, the streets were so happy and even the table of "evil dogs" hung in front of her house was also extremely loved. I clasped her hands:
- I registered to marry you nhé!
But ... Oh, if only the word had disappeared in the dictionary and this life was no longer used by anyone. At the marriage registration office, the staff with a very nice smile announced to us a bad news at all:
- Just a few minutes ago we got a new regulation on marriage registration. We need to check you something ...
I re-face when I hear the word "check", indeed my body has something not very well. The staff reassured:
- It's going to be simple, we just need some measurements, like length ... oh no, height for example. How tall are you?
- One six meters - I breathe, glance at my lover smiled ...
The employee nodded, hawking in the declaration and pulled from the drawer on the tape measure, hesitant:
- He's outstretched!
What? I panicked and cried. My dear friend encouraged me by holding my hand and standing close to me. The staff is very pretty smile:
- What are you doing? I only measure ... your thighs!
My thighs were relieved when I measured them, but continued to thrill as she brought my measurements to a plate that reads the numbers. My love is hot, she is small:
- How are you, sister, are we getting married?
A thoughtful look on her face made my heart ache, she lowered her voice:
- Sorry, we can not confirm your marriage because you are not eligible ...
I moan:
- But why? Am I too low or my thighs not enough ... hunt?
- The height is fine, while the thighs are hunting but slightly baby ...
This time my love all bear up, she shouted:
- Then how? I love him because ... other stuff. Or baby thighs can not have children?
Friendly staff:
- Sister calm, this is the rule. Have children, but the children will not meet the requirements of the regulations set by the health sector.
It was my turn to shout:
- My son, what's the matter with the health care?
- Why not? Do you know how many years people are struggling yet have not figured out how to improve the fitness of children. Meanwhile, the national football team is sluggish by the poor form. For those with thighs like you get married, give birth to children continue to produce such players?

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