Sunday, October 29, 2017

I know all the truth

A boy taught by a classmate that most adults have their own secrets.

The boy decided to try this, when he came home to meet his mother said:

- I know all the truth.

The mother quickly gave him 10 cents and said:

- Do not say anything to me.

Surprised by the sudden success, he waited until his father came home from work and said:

- I know all the truth.

I know all the truth

The father immediately took his wallet 50 yuan and said:

- Dad, please do not tell me anything.

Extremely satisfied with his new method of earning money, the next day when he met his delivery letter in front of the house, he immediately told him:

- Now I know all the truth.

After he finished speaking he saw the mailman standing still and very emotional expression, after trying to calm him spread out his arms and chokingly told the boy

- If you know the truth then ... I ... here with my father.

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