Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Women's Day

Henry Ford after death was sent to heaven. At St. Peter's Gate there is Peter waiting for Ford.
When Ford met in the early days, he did a lot of public good for society, such as the invention of the chain-making method for the car industry that changed the world.
With such accomplishment, you will be given the gift of being able to talk to anyone in heaven.
Thinking of a second, Ford would meet God.
St. Peter led Ford to meet God.
Having met God, Ford immediately asked,
- What did you think when you created the woman, Sir?
God heard it and asked:
- What do you mean?

Ford answered,
- There are too many mistakes in your invention.
* The front is bulging
* the back is protruding
* Machine often loud when running fast
* Money to maintain and nurture too high
* Frequently requires new paint
* For 28 days, it is again viscous and can not work
* The gas pump and exhaust are too close together
* Headlights are too small
* Fuel consumption is terrible.
God heard through it said:
- You wait a moment for us to review the design.
He called all engineering and engineering engineers in heaven to review the process
After a while they presented to God a report.
When he finished, he said,
- The words you just said quite right, my patents are so many errors, but in terms of economic efficiency is very high ...
Nearly 98% of men in the world use the product we make.
While less than 10% of men use your product
Have fun "women" on 8.3

P/s: Happy Women's Day

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