Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Funny Jokes 2017 - P2

1. A girl jump rope
The man moves to a new apartment, discovering the terrace facing the girl playing rope, counting '99, 99 ... '.
A girl jump rope

The man felt very strange, immediately ran across the terrace opposite, asked the other girl:
- Why do you count the number 99 forever?
She did not say a word, just smiled, suddenly pushed the man from the terrace down! Then continue dancing and counting: '100, 100, 100' ...

2. A little girl saw the ghost
My mother is in the middle of the night to care for children to study ... suddenly the child yells: - Mom, I saw the ghost.
The mother said: - There is no ghost do not be afraid.

A little girl saw the ghost

A moment later the child shouted: - Mom, I see ghosts really.
The mother frowned: - What to do ...
The third time the child screams: - Mom, ma ... it ... it flies out the door.
The mother looked at him and said affectionately: "So you thought I was my mother?

3. Midnight bus
Nearly 12 o'clock at night, a 20-year-old man stands in the middle of an empty field to take the bus to the city. He stood there without a passing car. Arrive at 12 noon, there is a car to run, he rushed the car and asked to go to the city.

Midnight bus

He climbed into the car and fell asleep tired. It was raining heavily and a thunderous sound made him awake. He had lost his soul when he did not see the driver and the car was still running, he shouted:
- Ghost... Ghost ...
Suddenly there was a voice behind him saying:
-  Not ghosts, push down the car to go.

4. Wife affair
A husband who is angry with his wife for adultery should kill her while his son is sleeping and hide it.
After three days, she still did not see her son asking her mother, the husband asked the child:
- I have nothing to ask you father?

Wife affair

The child replied:
- I just wonder why she stood behind her back.

5. Ghost girl
One brother went to a famous ghost street last night. He goes to meet a girl next time. He opened the conversation:
- Heard this road a lot of ghosts you.

Ghost girl

The girl frowned.
- Little story brother, this whole line is only a little more than what?

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