Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gilr imagine it's easy...

She noticed that he usually came in the evenings and weekends. He did not do anything to talk or attract her, sometimes he sneaked at her and pretended to look down at the phone.

One year passed, Jada understood that the other guy liked him but he seemed too shy to disclose. So Jada decided to take the initiative. The next day, Jada approached and said,

- Hi, you are Jada!

The boy slightly startled:

- Hi, my name is Smith!

- I appreciate your patience and seriousness. For a year or so he came to my house one night, I knew he liked me but he was too shy to tell. I want to say that I really like you too!

The boy looked at her and smiled and said:

Oh, sorry, Jada! The truth is my wifi has no password, so after work he came here free to text with his girlfriend!

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