Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Drinking poison is not dead yet

There is a rich guy who is alcoholic, afraid of a servant who is awkward, so he tries to pick a drowning man. One day, he had a job to go to, told him to stay home:

- You stay at home, take care of the hanging legs, with the spayed chicken in the cage, lest the dog cats it, listen.

Then he pointed to two threats:

- Two bees are poison to trap the mouse. Drink is dead!

He went away, the servant took the raw chicken to make meat, boiled his feet to eat, and took both beverages drink, soft drink all. When he came back to see the servant lying down on the ground, the men stirred, and he woke up and asked the chickens, the pigs, and the other two. The servant sobbed and said,

- obey him at home watching the house, then the cat and the dog ran back, the cat tossed the leg, the dog stole the spaniel running away. I was afraid he was scolded should get two ticks of poison to drink, did not expect not dead yet!

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