Monday, October 16, 2017

Do not understand?

Newly, sad, she wrote to her mother: "I am very sad, here no one is a friend, only days to eat and learn.

The mother replied to her son: "Oh, well, I have to study hard, get it back to my parents thanks ...".

The following month, she wrote: "I have a new boyfriend, he is very good mother."

Mother: "Oh, I'm happy for you, too."

Next, she said: "Mother, I love him and my mother, he is very good, caring for me, happy and sad to share with him."

Mother: "Oh, I'm glad for you ..."

"Mother, we decided to get married. Mother, I know you are not, but we love each other too. Parents, when we return to Vietnam, we apologize to. everybody…".

"Mother, I do not know what to say," she said. "Mother, I wish you two happy, happy children to find the love ...".

A few days later, she wrote again: "Mom, I'm so happy ...!"

The mother asked, "What do you feel?"

She replied, "Mommy, he ... jumped from the top of the cabinet down to my mother ...".

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