Friday, October 27, 2017

daughter-in-law's responsibility

I have a new daughter in law. On the first day, the guest house, her mother-in-law told her to cook.

After the meal, she asked:

- Uncle see the dishes today how?

- Good, delicious! - Guests compliment - This dish is delicious, this dish is also delicious ...

At that time there is the call of the popular restaurant owner outside the door:

- Hey, wait 12 hours to bring the plate to pay then pay for food always star not see?

Her mother-in-law was very angry, so she lost face to the guest. The next day, her husband asked her to buy lunch food, she asked:

- What kind of food do you like?

- Oh, anything is fine. But to try my son, I want you to buy something that is fried, cooked, boiled or roasted all.

His daughter-in-law shouted:

- Then I buy ... the pan!

My husband was sick:

- Well, I bought vegetables and cooked meat.

That afternoon, her mother came to play. Her mother in law welcomed her mother-in-law,

- My daughter-in-law cooks meat soup, I eat it cool throat.

- Really? - Your bride's mother is happy - Get her husband is different. It was a great day at home. But ... I thought of eating in the intestines, but why cool her throat?

- Not like this, the meat bought back to the hard, not thoroughly cooked, I eat broken two door teeth, now just to open my mouth that I see the wind throat cool her grandma!

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