Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dad and alcohol,Parrot

Dad and alcohol.

Father told his son:

- You take the bottle to buy a bottle of wine.

- Where to buy money father?

- No money to buy new talent?

- After a while, I take the bottle does not return, he asked: Where are you?

- No alcohol, can drink, new talent.

Love of the parrot.

In the animal it has a parrot. A woman complained to the pastor:

- Father, the parrots of the house I only say every sentence: "Hi, we are the players to play! Do you want to be happy?".

- It is so obscene! I will help you with this. Two Francis parrots and my Job throughout the day praying and reading the Bible. Bring your parrot to my house. In a cage with them, your parrots will certainly be taught about honesty and respect.

The woman brought her two parrots to the parish priest. Seeing two male parrots holding the prayer book and praying, she released her two parrots with them. The parrots shouted:

- Hi, we are the players! Do you want to be happy?

Quiet ... A parrot dumbfounded to drop the book, peering over his friend and exclaimed:

- Francis! Our prayers have been fulfilled!

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