Wednesday, October 18, 2017


A cat died and went to heaven, God appeared and said:

- You are a good cat when alive. Now what do you want to be?

The cat said:

- I live in a poor family, all my life to sleep on hardwood floor ????

God laughed:

- There will be no more?

Quietly speaking, a very comfortable mattress cushion?

A few days later, some mice died in heaven, and God granted them a treat.

Mice rushing flabby:

- All our lives have to run, running smoothly. We were chased by cats, dogs, and ladies with a broom. We wish to have a pair of patin shoes to help run?

God smiled:

I like you?

So all the mice have a pair of shoes? new.

A few weeks later, God visited the beings in heaven. Crossing the cat, he saw the cat sleeping soundly on the mattress pillow. God tossed the cat up and asked:

- Are you okay? Do you have fun?

The cat stretched his shoulder and moaned in delight:

- In my life I have never been happy like this. And especially the meals on the wheels you send to me are the best !?

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